My School/Work Morning Routine

A morning routine is essential for me as it helps me to have a positive and productive day. This is what works for me, but it does not mean it will work for you. I wanted to share my routine with you because I absolutely love watching morning routine videos on Youtube for some reason I find them super interesting! Probably because I’m nosey. I thought that sharing my routine could help you think of new approaches to a morning routine! Honestly, I have always been a morning person so I don’t mind getting up (most days). I think its because my morning routine includes things that make me happy (meditation + food) and I give myself enough time to do what I need to do in order to start my day on the right track.  

6:45am: alarm goes off and I lay there for a moment to wake up. Get out of bed, use the washroom, wash my face. Neutrogena Naturals face wash + Nivea Moisturizer

6:55am: pour a glass of lemon water #health, sit on my blanket to meditate and complete my affirmations for the morning. Stretch.

7:10am: mix 1tbsp chia seeds + small amount of water in shot glass, let sit. Mix 1tsp apple cider vinegar + water in cup, mix and sip on.

7:20am: put on makeup. Concealer+brow gel+bronzer+mascara

7:25am: get dressed for work/school.

7:35am: get my lunch bag, gym bag, books/agenda organized and ready to go. I pack as much as I can the night before!

7:45am: make breakfast/pack breakfast. Depending on the day/mood.

7:55am: turn Keurig on, brush teeth

8:00am: finish making coffee. Watch some youtube videos, write down blog ideas, finish readings for class, etc.

8:30am: leave to work/class.

That’s it! Pretty simple. This doesn’t happen everyday, some mornings are harder to get out of bed than others. I find that when I stick to this basic routine I physically and mentally feel prepared to take on the busy day ahead.  





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