Friday Faves: October 

I decided to start a Friday Favorites as that’s a thing in the blogging community. I thought sharing some of my faves might be helpful to y’all. I’m going to include a bunch of things like recipes, online resources, other bloggers/vloggers, meditations, fashion, and beauty. It’s basically just a list of things that I have been LOVING and getting inspiration from.

1) Painting my nails: This might sound odd, but I have been OBSESSED with painting my nails lately. I have always enjoyed having painted nails but I have also always been too lazy or thought I was bad at doing it so I never did it. I have just finally started to take the time and do it and honestly I am getting better at it. Plus I feel super sassy when my nails are painted so..

2) Liv B: I am obsessed with Liv on youtube/instagram. She is a Canadian vegan food blogger plus she’s from the east coast! Love that. Liv posts creative and easy recipes on youtube and her blog. Plus her insta game is on point. I just love to support and follow Canadian content creators. Check out her instagram/youtube. Linked above!

3) Your Own Magic: It is the best podcast to bless the internet probably ever (in my opinion). Allie and Raquelle are so dedicated in sharing their wisdom as well as the wisdom, insights, experiences, and tips of other spirituality gurus’. I have learned so much about myself, love, and the divine path of the universe. If you look into anything from this post, I pray it is this. The podcast and their insta’s are linked.

4) Turtle Necks: Ok, when I was little I used to make fun of my mom for wearing turtle necks. I thought they were so ‘old lady-ish’. But, at the ripe age of 23 I have come to realize that turtle necks are THE BOMB. First of all, they are cozy, warm, and easy to dress up or dress down. Plus they come in tons of different styles, colors, materials etc. If you follow me on Insta (which you totally should) you will know that I have been wearing turtlenecks pretty much nonstop. I had to text my mom and tell apologize for the teasing, and tell her she was right all along (lol). 

5) Reading: I am currently finishing my last full month of school (FINALLY). Throughout my undergraduate degree I always told myself I didn’t have time to read for ‘fun’ because I had so much course readings to do. But let’s get real, who actually does readings in your undergrad? The past few months I have been making it a priority to read non-school related books, even if it is just for a few minutes before bed. So far I have readYou Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jenn Sincero, and I am currently reading The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith by Gabrielle Bernstein that was passed onto me by a lovely friend. I am also picking away at Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur cuz, duh. I highly recommend any of these books if you’re into the self-help world, or if you just feel like shit and want to change your life.

6) Mediations: I have talked about meditations several times on my blog before. I just wanted to share a few links for various meditations I have been using a lot lately. Energy clearing, self-love, morning.

7) Instagram/Bloggers: I probably could divide this into two separate categories, but most of the people I follow/watch these people on both insta and their blog so, yeah. I thought I would share some Instagram accounts that have been inspiring me lately. Allie and Sam create awesome, engaging content and once again are on the east coast in Canada as well!

Allie, Raquelle, and Claire all post inspiring, informative, and motivational images and words. If you creep their profiles I guarantee you that you’re going to want to sell all of your possessions and move to Hawaii, fair warning. Low key (high key) obsessed with watching people talk on Instagram stories, maybe it’s the small town nosey part of me?

 Anyways, Holly’s Housewife Life posts so frequently and always posts real life experiences on her blog. I love it. Although I am not a mother, nor a housewife I still appreciate her courage in sharing the realities of those experiences. Plus I love her long Instagram stories where she talks to the camera and leaves polls, its very interesting and engaging to me.

I have also been pretty much obsessed with Katie Rose Decoeli, or wild rosebuds blog. I love her Instagram and her blog, honestly love everything lol. She posts amazing quality pictures, but also prides herself on only collaborating and working with companies/products her and her family use and genuinely love. I appreciate that SO much as I feel that a lot of social media and influencing is about staging the perfect image and working with companies for the dolla dolla’s. Once again Katie and her family are east coasters as well which just makes it even better, and makes a lot of her content much more relatable for me. Although similar to Holly’s Housewife Life, Katie posts a lot about children and her family which I do not have (lol). I still find it really interesting and I love seeing the perspective of mothers online. Rather than just like rich 18 year old fashion bloggers.

I was aiming for 10 and got to 7, but I’ll take it. That’s a wrap for my Friday Faves for October! I cannot believe it is November.. how??? Thanks for reading! Please check out some of the individuals I mentioned, they will without a doubt change your life for the better. I promise you that.


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