It’s time to heal.

Validating your younger self in the process of healing.

I attended a conference last week that really got me thinking. One of the topics triggered some pretty heavy emotions and memories for me. It led me to begin reflecting on my younger self, the kid who felt embarrassed, ashamed, and lonely. I so wish future Megan could have been there during these thoughts and feelings to just say “hey, this is what’s going on and in 10 years your life is going to be great”. The information that was presented at the conference actually allowed me to get in touch with that younger version of myself and validate her feelings.

Hear me out.

I was instantly brought back to a specific memory of being at my grandmother’s house when I was in elementary school. As I was listening to the speaker, I traveled through probably 5 years of my life. Remembering specific situations in which I felt anxious, overwhelmed, confused, and disgusted. All of those feelings and thoughts that my younger self had throughout that time were validated. I used the information, knowledge, and coping mechanisms I now have to begin healing the younger version of myself.

All of the experiences we have had lead us to become who we are right now, just as all of the experiences we are having/will have shape and mold us. So, in order to continue to grow sometimes we have to take a step back (in time) and tend to the emotional needs of our younger selves. The selves who don’t know what we know now. The selves who are scared, lonely, confused, trapped. The selves who think they are the only one who has ever felt this way.

Giving myself permission to validate those feelings has set me free. I feel at peace with that aspect of my life now. I have a name to those feelings and behaviours, even though my younger self did not know this at the time. In making the time and space to connect with my younger self through meditation and journaling I have learned to heal. The healing process leads to growth, and in the one week since I have validated my younger self I have seen so many positive changes.

I feel lighter, less anxious. The way I understand my relationship with certain concepts is now completely based off of the experiences I had with them during the time of conflict. Even in the last week I have noticed the relationships I have become healthier, less complex, less distorted.

I guess what I am saying is that you never know when things will come up for you. When this happens (because it will) take it as it comes. Remain open, surrender to the moment and trust that the universe is sending you what you need and are ready for. The universe is always giving you exactly what you need, the universe does not give you anything you cannot handle.


Journaling Ideas to Validate & Heal Younger Self

-Write a letter to yourself for the specific time from yourself right now

-Validate and explain the thoughts/feelings/experiences with what you know now

-Give yourself permission to heal

-Talk to your younger self with love, kindness, acceptance


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