Friday Faves: November

Friday Faves: November

How is November over already? It’s almost Christmas!!! Here is a quick list of things I have been loving lately! Including meditations, food, Insta accounts, beauty products, and all that good stuff! I will link as many products/people/things as I can find!


  1. Winter Skin Care: It is almost winter here in the Maritimes and the air is getting so dry! Which means my skin needs all the loving it can get. I have found the best combo for me and I have been obsessed with St Ives Body Wash 24oz Oatmeal & Shea Butter. I have really dry skin and this combo has been keeping me soft & silky. There is nothing better than taking a nice hot shower, moisturizing, and cuddling into bed after a long day at work.24259543_10156806612799348_478105342_o.jpg
  2. Studded Faux Leather Ankle Booties: I spent probably two months searching for black, flat ankle booties. I had a super hard time finding a pair that weren’t suede and that were tall enough so that there wouldn’t be an awkward patch of skin between where my boots end and the pants start. Anyways, for the pants that are a bit too short I just throw on a pair of big (faux) wool stocks and call it a day. The booties were only $39.99, plus I got them for 40% off!! Still available online and (probably) in store.
  3. Curls: For the last probably 7 years I have been WAY to lazy to do anything to my hair, but recently I have been into curling my hair. I learned that if I use the right products the curls last a few days with minimal touch ups which makes it much easier to maintain throughout a busy week. The curling wand I use is an extremely old 1inch curling iron that I DIY’d into a wand by taking it apart, taking the clamp off then putting it back together (lol). But hey, it works! For heat protectant, I use the Infra Treatment Thermal Protective Treatment by CHI for Unisex – 12 oz Treatment, keeps my ends sealed and soft while protecting my already dry hair from the heat. I typically wash my hair like, once a week. So, dry shampoo is a must for me! Like basically everyone else who is on a budget, I use the Batiste Dry Shampoo Original, 6.73 Ounce in whatever scent is cheapest at Winners. Currently I am using the original, no complaints. Love it.24273182_10156806606694348_33507015_n
  4. Clementines: DUH. It is clementine season which is a big freaking deal in our house. Clementines are so cheap, so yummy, and full of vitamins and nutrients that make you feel GOOD. So yeah, I have been obsessed with clementines. I think we are currently working on our fifth box.
  5. Instagram Accounts: I have a different variety of insta folks this month. First of all, I have been obsessed with Dani Austin who is a fashion blogger/vlogger. Dani is so honest on all of her platforms and I can just tell she is one hard working chick. All of her outfits are so cute and she inspires me to work hard with the content I am creating! Check her out here.

LuminousandWild: Rachel is a yoga instructor and such an inspiration. Rachel radiates good vibes and is from right here in New Brunswick which makes her even better! Rachel promotes a message of gratitude and self-love (yes, hunny!). Much like Dani, Rachel is honest in her content which makes it relatable. I don’t really know what else to day, just follow her and thank me later!

Lindsay Umlah: I found Lindsay on insta and discovered her amazing self-love, female empowerment, good vibes messages. Again, Lindsay posts real life images with real life captions that get me thinking and reflecting. If you want to fill your feed with positivity, self-love, and authenticity please check out these amazing individuals!

  1. Energy Cleansing Meditations: As always, I meditate but this month I have been feeling really heavy with the energies of others. I take on others’ energy very easily and I have been letting it negatively impact me. I have turned to meditations focused on clearing and grounding your energy. These meditations allow me to visualize detaching myself from the thoughts and energies of others and refocusing on my energy, thoughts, feelings, etc. I have been using it before bed and I find myself sleeping deeper and through the night. Check out my favourite here.
  2. Pranayama Breathing: Ok, so this is basically life changing and you don’t need to be a yogi master to do it! Love that. Honestly, I do not know much about these techniques as I am still learning, but I know enough to tell you I love it. I try and use 3 techniques every morning as part of my morning routine. Afterwards, my mind feels clear and focused. My body feels calm and refreshed. Read more about pranayama breathing and Kundalini Yoga.

Thanks for reading! Happy December!!

— Meg


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