The Truth About the Holidays

The holidays can be hard for a lot of people and I think social media really magnifies this because it makes it SO much easier for us to compare our holiday traditions, families, and selves to literally millions of people around the world.


For some, the holidays look amazing on social media. Extravagant family parities and dinners, adorable couple/family photos, lavish trips, delicious cocktails, and huge homes decorated to the 9’s. But honestly, for a lot of people the holidays do not look anything like this.

A lot of us (definitely including myself here) feel overwhelmed, stressed out, and experiences of grief can be really magnified during these times. Personally, around the holidays I am always a little bit more aware of the people, experiences, and feelings that are no longer in my life. It’s hard to miss a family member/individual during these times, because so many of our happy memories with that person usually revolve around the holidays.

The holidays are a time when families get together and spend time with one another. Our family always had tons of traditions but with the separation of my parents and passing of my grandfather our holidays look a lot different than they did when I was a kid.

Yeah, honestly it sucks sometimes. Let’s get real, I know I am not the only person experiencing this. I know some of you other ‘adult kids’ who have parents that are separated can admit that it impacts your holidays in one way or another.

While it can be so easy to focus our time and energy on others, we must remember to spend a little bit of extra time and energy on ourselves during the holidays. I know I become so focused on what my family needs, where I need to be and who I need to see that I become disconnected.

When I become disconnected I get anxious and irritable. I get annoyed so easily and start to see things through a negative lens. Rather than a lens of love, light, and potential.

If we spend even just a little bit of time and energy on the what we do have, the abundance in our lives then it makes it much easier to snap out of the negative or fear based thinking patterns we may find ourselves in during the holidays.

Focus on the good things you got goin’ on, we all have some! I challenge you to use a daily gratitude practice during the holidays to stay present and enjoy the time you do get to spend with your loved ones.

These are a few tips and tricks I use to reconnect with myself, and use a daily gratitude practice to stay present and happy during the holidays.

Gratitude List: Write out at least 3 things you are grateful for every night before bed. If you’re really serious about it write 3 things that you are grateful for in the morning after meditation.

Affirmations: I am thankful for the support and love from my loved ones and the universe. I acknowledge the negative thought, and gently forgive myself and chose to surrender to the universe.

Journaling: Write it out, put pen to paper and let your soul spill onto the pages. Write about your thoughts, feelings, and really take the time to tune in with yourself.

Thank you so much for reading this, I hope it can help someone in one way or another! Leave me a comment if you have a self-care practice that gets you through the holidays!! I am always open to hearing new self-care ideas.


Books That Changed My Life:

The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith

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The Journal I use:

White Marble: 7x 10 Dot Grid Journal|Work Book, Planner, Dotted Notebook, Bullet Grid Journal, Diary,150 Pages (Volume 1)

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