You are going to make mistakes

Hi Friends,

Long time no talk. I’ve been doing some pretty intense ‘avoiding’ but I am back.

Kind of.

I think.

I am just here to let you know that you’re going to make mistakes. Mess up. and you know what?? That’s pretty freaking cool because when you make a mistake or ‘mess up’ then you open yourself up to a new experience. An experience that helps you learn, helps you grow, and most likely provides a moment to challenge yourself.

I am bad for spending a lot of mental energy worrying about making mistakes or belittling myself for mistakes I have already made. The rational part of me knows that the mistakes I have already made were learning and growth opportunities. I tell myself that there is no point in being hard on myself for those mistakes as they’ve already happened and I cannot control or influence what has I already happened.

What I can do (and should do) is take those little golden nuggets and choose to do things differently moving forward. But, sometimes it is so comforting to choose fear rather than love. When we choose to belittle and berate ourselves for the mistakes we’ve already made we are allowing our ego to take over. The ego is an interesting little voice. You know, the one we hear during those times at 3:00am when we remember something stupid we said in 2013 and tell ourselves “I can’t believe you did that”.

I am here to tell you, we’ve all had that moment. We’ve all had those negative self thoughts because we are all human. We will always make mistakes, we are constantly growing, learning, and evolving into the person we are meant to be.

While I KNOW I shouldn’t be wasting my mental energy worrying about the mistakes I have made, it happens. Lately, I have been reading May Cause Miracles which has been so helpful in allowing me to consciously intervene those negative thoughts.

I have started to recognize situations, thoughts, memories, and emotions that trigger me to worry and over-think. In recognizing these I can now begin to interfere with those thoughts and actively chose LOVE instead of fear. It sounds super hippy-dippy, I know. But!! Try it. The next time you hear your little ego voice being RUDE try to interrupt that with love. By simply saying “I surrender this fear based thought and I choose love instead”.

Like Miss Frizzle said “take chances, make mistakes, get messy”.

Then, embrace it. Choose LOVE. Forgive yourself. Learn from it. And move the hell on!


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