Choosing a life led by self-love

It’s hard to love ourselves in a world that teaches us we aren’t good enough. A loving relationship with the self allows us to create meaningful, loving relationships with others. I have spent 22 out of 24 of my years hating myself. Picking apart every little thing possible with my physical body and over analyzing my choices and experiences to look for any type of ‘mistake’ possible. Then, criticizing myself for making that mistake.

An energy draining cycle.

It wasn’t until I began reflecting on the thoughts I had about myself that I realized what I was doing.

Then I asked why?

Why would I want to spend my entire life hating myself?

The one person who will quite literally always be there.

The one person in the entire world that I have control over.

I control my thoughts.

I control my choices.

I create my reality.

So, why would I create a life full of hate and insecurity when I can create a life full of self-respect and self-love?

Why would you create a life full of hate and insecurity when you can create a life full of self-respect and self-love?

You control your thoughts.

You control your choices.

You create your reality.

Why not chose a life led by self-love?

Why not love yourself so much that you flow through the daily actions with an unshakeable softness?

I mean, will it be easy all the time?


But, self-love it about accepting who you are for who you are.

Connecting with yourself, taking the time to listen to what you need, crave, and desire.

Choosing to be open to understand who you are and why you are that way. Why you need what you need, and accepting that with love rather than judgement.

I ain’t saying its easy, but I can guarantee you it is worth it.

It is easy to let the ego take over and to live life filled with anger, fear, insecurity, and judgement. Sometimes still, my ego creeps in and I find myself full of anger and frustration with the actions of others.

It is up to you to choose a life filled with love.


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