Quick & Simple Mood Boosting Tips

Ever find yourself in one of those moods where everything annoys you? When you’re cranky and irritable and just want to lay on the couch and watch Netflix? Same. Sometimes we just have those kinda days, some may call them bad days or off days, but we all have em.

I firmly believe that we have the power to choose how we spend our energy and we have the ability to decide our reaction. We cannot always control the situation we are in or the way the day unfolds, but we control how we react. Do we react with anger or frustration, or do we go with the flow and take life as it unfolds?

Often times when I feel myself starting to have one of those days I get stuck in this thought that the only way to feel better is to lay in bed in the dark and eat mac and cheese and watch The Office. Which would be great if I could do that whenever I had a bad day!

But, typically these ‘bay days’ happen when were at school or work and we don’t have the option to pack up and head home to lay on the couch. So, I’m going to share my favorite ways to make those days, or any day for that matter, a bit better.

These are little things that help me shake off the bad vibes, channel some good energy and make it through the day.

1)Go outside.

Spending time outside is so refreshing! Humans are not meant to be up inside all day. Taking a break from the routine is so helpful for me. Taking a moment to be outside and breath in the fresh, clean air is so energizing. I find it helpful to feel the sun on my skin and a gentle breeze, it just gives me so much energy! It’s hard to explain. I’m a very sensitive person and take on the energies around me. When I’m outside and being present with nature I get recharged and energized from the positive energy that flows around me.

2) Meditation.

I always try to start my day off with a meditation. I use the Insight Timer app and just kind of let my intuition guide me to the meditation that I need for the day. Just want to remind you that a meditation does not have to be that typical sitting cross legged with your eyes closed taking deep breaths. Meditation can be going for a run, reading a book, laying in the grass and looking up at the sky. I personally believe that meditation can be anything you want it to be. Meditation to me, is a quiet moment with yourself and your thoughts. Its taking the time to connect with yourself and listen to your breath.

3) Affirmations.

I think it’s important to have a little saying or affirmation to say silently to yourself, or yell at the top of your lungs when things aren’t going great. This type of affirmation should be something that resonates with your soul, something that gives you hope. One of my favorites that I like to use when I start to feel those anxious thoughts creep in and I start to slip into overthinking and catastrophizing is ‘Everything is as it should be’. This reminds me that even if things are going poorly, things are exactly how they should be. That there are lessons and opportunities for growth in each experience. That things have always been fine and they will be fine now.


So, I know not everyone is gonna like this one. But, dancing and moving your body is such an easy way to let go of the energies and thoughts that are not serving you! I recently went to a Full Moon Yoga class and we did a section on this which allowed us to just let our souls speak and move our bodies to release the old, stuck energy. Dancing can be a fun way to literally shake it off as Tswift says. Dancing connects with our inner child and that playful energy, it can put a smile on our face and give us a little zap of energy. Put on your favorite song and just let loose! Or go for a run or walk, do some yoga, do some push-ups, I don’t know what you enjoy but I think that moving your body in a way that brings you joy helps to flip the switch and tune into a positive flow of energy.


These are what work for me, take what you think will work for you and leave the rest. Adjust what works for me to make it the ideal for your personality, your interest, and your soul. Leave me a comment and let me know what you do to turn your day around and to let go of negative energy!


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