Diving into self-care

I have been choosing fear.

I have been silencing myself, living in fear.

A fear that is only within me.

One that I am in complete control of.

I have not been creating, writing, or sharing.

I have been scared.

Scared of judgement, and being laughed at. But mostly, I’ve been scared of failure. I’ve been dimming my light rather stepping into my light.

I think subconsciously I have told myself that I will fail. That I am not good enough for this, I don’t have anything special to say or do, so why should I share my thoughts?

It’s the ego, it’s not reality.

I’ve been scared that I’ll take the plunge and to plummet rather than soar.

But, if I never take the plunge how will I know if I can soar?

I am sharing this online to hold myself accountable.

I need to continue to create, it’s part of my identity. If I don’t use my voice, then growth will not happen. I have a voice for a reason, I have a passion about self-care, self-love, and spirituality for a reason. I have felt drawn to share my thoughts for a reason.

As of late, I have decided to dive into self-care. To connect with things that bring me joy, to allow my intuition to guide me and see where I end up.

To MAKE time for myself, for personal development, for relaxation, for physical activity, for meditation, for sleep, for nurturing my body, for whatever my soul tells me it needs.

I think through radical self-care, we can peel away at the layers, the wounds, the pain, and re-connect with our truest, highest selves. A genuine self-care practice allows us to heal the insecurities, to surrender our fears, to choose to live a life led by love.

In our journey through life, growing and developing from children to adults we take on so many thoughts, labels, and behaviours that may or may not reflect who we truly are.

As children, we take on the labels the adults in our lives give us. Sometimes these labels reflect us, sure. But, in my experience, the labels reflect what we portray, not necessarily our truest selves.

We may portray ourselves in a certain way because were dealing with an emotional wound that is so deeply rooted it becomes part of our identity. A self-care practice allows us to acknowledge those wounds, surrender the wounds, heal the wounds, and express gratitude for the experience and growth the wound has provided. For if we did not have the wounds, we would not have the growth.

Is it easy?


Is it scary?


Is it worth it?

Hell yes.


If you’re reading this, choose self-care, choose yourself, love yourself. You’re worth it





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