Change leads to growth.

It’s so interesting to leave the routine and day to day flow of my life. I’ve been home with family for a few days which has been a complete change in environment. Naturally, a lot of thoughts and feelings have come up, some of which have been uncomfortable. So, I’ve allowed myself to sit with it rather than ignore it.

Coming home always reminds me just how much I’ve grown since moving out at 18. I just find it SO interesting that my life is SO different than it was when I first moved away from my little island home. I think of the person I was then, she was OK. She was scared, she was angry, she was anxious, she was hurt. I look at myself now, am I still scared or anxious or hurt? Yes, at times. I’ve begun to peel back the layers, acknowledge the wounds, and let it go to heal.

I see the way people I used to spend so much time with live and think and react to things and I’m like, no wonder I felt so anxious and angry all the time!!

I’m not trying to blame others for the way that I thought and felt, but I do believe our environments impact us to some extent.

Reflecting on my time at home has reminded me that our story is a long one. With many parts to it, many different characters who come in and out of our lives to teach us a lesson and provide an opportunity for growth.

I feel like I have two different stories sometimes. One, on my little Island with my family, the other, in my city on the mainland with my career, friends, and community. Each part is different in it’s own way, but each part plays an integral role in who I am and who I am becoming.

It’s cool to see how we start out as kids, and like everything we do is decided by our parents and families. Then we move out, and we have our own little family and way of doing things. And for me, that is SO much different than the way I was raised and grew up. And that’s OK. It’s OK to change and to grow into a person you feel represents your purpose, your highest self. And it’s OK if that person is A LOT different than the kid you used to be.

Change leads to growth.

If you’re not changing, you’re not growing.



— Meg


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