Journaling Prompts for Self-Discovery

Journaling prompts for self-discovery.


I bring this to you as I sit here in 40 degree heat and inspired to share with you some of my favourite journaling prompts. Now, I will recommend that you use a stream of consciousness when journaling with these prompts.

Basically,  you read the question, you write out the question, then you just write.  Put pen to paper. Write anything and everything. Whatever comes to you, even if it doesn’t quite make sense in the moment or you’re unsure of where/why the thoughts are coming. Go with it! Write it out & reflect.

No judgement.


1. Who am I?

It sounds a little intense, I know—and maybe once you get going it will be. But, this is a great prompt to begin to peel back the layers and labels that society has given you.

2. What is my purpose?  

Yes, another deep one. But really, what is your purpose? What brings you joy, what calls your name? What sets your soul on fire?

3, What are the stories of my past that no longer serve me?

We all have them, stories others have whispered that we’ve internalized. Our parents, our teachers, our communities, our peers. Are there any you can surrender?

4. Who can I forgive?

The guy who cut you off this morning, the ex-best friend, you parents, the world, yourself?

5. What are my fears?

Acknowledge & let go.

Dig deep.






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