Thoughts on (my) anxiety.

I have been dealing with a lot of anxiety and insecurity lately. I have been trying to work through it though.

Trying new avenues, like hot yoga and pranayama breathing. I even started reading the super popular book, The Time is Now.

I have been making it a priority to mediate most mornings and most evenings.

This has helped.

Somewhere along the way, I have realized that the attachment to the outcome is what gives me anxiety. When I worry about what could happen because of what I have said or done, I’m putting my energy on creating a bunch of possibilities that either may or may not happen.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Honestly, I think that’s where a lot of anxiety comes from. We worry about what we cannot control.

We worry about the future, which we can’t really control, sure we can impact It a little. But things play out as they play out. I’ve been practicing accepting that. Accepting that things are going to happen that I won’t always have control over, but, I do always have control over how I react to that situation.

But, I think more than anything this has been a reminder that surrendering is what brings peace. When we surrender our fear and anxiety and QUESTION why we are anxious or worried then we can deal with it.

I have started to notice when I am feeling anxious or worried. I ask myself why? And more often than not, it’s beause I am (over) thinking about situations I simply cannot control. I talk myself up, and talk myself into these sickening states of anxiety and fear and worry. When, really, I can’t control the situation and the best way to release the anxiety is to surrender.


That whatever happens will happen regardless of my worry or fear.

Whatever happens will happen because that is the way it is.

And me spending energy WORRYING about it will most definitely not change the situation or outcome.

I know, you’re right, it’s tough work to surrender and trust in others and the universe in general. That’s why we (me) have control issues, and like being in control. Because we don’t trust in others or trust our environments. We’re acting based on past experiences and past wounds that we haven’t healed yet.

I get it.

But, learning leads to growth. When we acknowledge we are responsible for the way we live our lives, then we can begin to work on that. We can begin to heal our wounds, and align with our soul’s purpose, we can step into a life led by light & love rather than fear & worry.



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