How are you so happy?

People often ask me how I am so happy or how to be happy or what the formula for happiness is.

The truth, my truth is, there is no formula. There is no one way to be happy. Being ‘happy’ isn’t the end all be all. I am not ‘happy’ all the time—and that’s OK. Life happens, we are humans living in a world with a lot of pain, a lot of subconscious suffering. We neglect ourselves, we neglect our beautiful planet, we neglect the animals and ecosystems that inhabit our mama earth. Yet, we expect ourselves to be ‘happy’ all the time?

It makes no sense.

I don’t feel happy all the time. Sometimes I feel sad, overwhelmed, lonely, cranky, negative, happy, confused, judgemental, or content. And more often than not, I feel ALL of these in one day!

It’s easy to look at someone in person or at what they  post on Instagram and assume that they’re happy and that have some sort of formula.

Honestly, I am where I am today through a slow awakening. I have begun healing. Shedding light on my shadows and wounds. Allowing myself to feel things I have blocked out for years and years. When we allow ourselves to feel, we allow ourselves to heal. As humans we cling onto past stories and narratives from our childhood. We attach meaning to them, we associate with them as WHO we are, they give us purpose, familiarity. We create “I” statements that reflect these stories and wounds. I had been living in a constant state of low vibrations, the stories I told myself and others about myself were perpetuating a lower vibration way of living.

It is through a practice of self-care and self-love I have began to heal and forgive. To surrender those stories as simply an aspect of a former self. A self that has led me to the self I am now, to exactly where I am meant to be.

It’s scary to step up and to put in the work. To silence the ego and to stick with it when the mind is telling you not to. Healing comes in many forms. Find what works for you. I have found a lot that works for me, but I still remain open to new forms of healing the universe may have in store for me. I don’t have all the answers. I am human. I am learning, I am open to new information, new ways of thinking, new ways of coping, new ways to surrender, to let it go in order to grow. To step into my power, my confidence, my inner guide and highest self.

Its challenging. It’s difficult and energy draining and scary and emotionally taxing to step into these stories. To step into the pain, fear, judgement, insecurity, worry, and lack.

But, when we step into it, we shed light on it. We acknowledge it. We heal it. We let it go. Then, we open ourselves up to new possibilities. To a life led with love, full of high vibrations, a life of alignment, abundance, and connection with the highest self, your true self.




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