Yoga Girl Asked..

I have only recently discovered Yoga Girl, man have I been missing out! What an amazing source of light and love in this world. On one of her recent blog posts she questioned the reader to think of their message. You know, we always give ourselves a million and one excuses as to why we don’t do what we always think or talk about doing. Instead of actually doing it, we think and talk about it and make excuses to justify our laziness. So, she asked what is the message you wish everyone could know?

Me being, me—I journaled about it, and this is what I came up with


November 4th,

What do I wish everyone knew?

I wish everyone could know how beautifully talented and special they are. That their past mistakes don’t define them. That when you look at yourself and your world with love rather than fear and blame things get lighter, freedom.

I wish everyone knew that they have a choice, that their life is what they make it.

I wish everyone knew that they aren’t alone and that we all have feelings of sadness at times.

I wish everyone knew that living in love leads to light, freedom from the pain identity. That they are in control of their lives, not their parents, not their partner, not their past.

I wish everyone knew that life is good when you accept it as that. When you believe you deserve it, you’ll begin to see the good and abundance that surrounds you.

I wish everyone knew that the only thing we have control over is ourselves and our understanding and reactions to our experiences, and that is okay.



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