Tips for Getting Through The Tough Times

There has been some odd energy in my life lately. I’ve asked around and others can feel it too. I’ve just been experiencing more anxious (often irrational) thoughts than usual, and like the kind where I get myself into a deep dark hole with all of the ‘what ifs?’. This can be draining and sometimes I get in too deep and it’s hard to find the light again. I thought I would share a few ideas/tips on how I have been stepping back into the present and welcoming in my rational thoughts.


Talk it out.

I have a difficult time with this sometimes. I work in a job that’s emotionally and mentally draining and most of my close friends and supports work in a job that’s draining on them. So, sometimes I feel guilty for (in my mind) ‘bothering’ my friends with my own anxious thoughts. But it is so important to reach out and talk it out, to release the thoughts from the cage within your mind. When I reach out and share some of my thoughts, I actually hear myself say them out loud which helps bring me back to my rational mind if the thoughts I’m having are particularly irrational. Plus, typically my supports assure me that I am not alone in these thoughts and feelings, which is super comforting!! Also, when you talk it out, sometimes you friends or supports can give you some advice or tips!!


What’s worked in the past?

Another lil tip that I have been using lately is reflecting on what has worked for me in the past. Taking a few minutes to think about another time I have felt similar to how I’m currently feeling and asking my-self what worked to intervene those thoughts? Sometimes it’s as simple as journaling or doing a certain meditation that relieved the anxious thoughts on another occasion.  We all have coping skills that have worked for us before, use them again!


Let it burn!

So, I will warn you– this one is particularly ‘witchy’. Sometimes, if I’m really taking my time I set up a little altar with my crystals, little meaningful items, smudge bowl, and a white candle. But honestly, this practice is super powerful without the altar set up. You can let your intuition guide you here. I find this powerful when I am trying to release a block or thought/pattern/behaviour that is not of service to my highest self. My anxious thoughts often tie into old stories and thoughts about not being good enough. I write out all of the anxious thoughts, my fears, and insecurities. After I have written out all of the stories/thoughts/patterns/behaviours that are not serving me I usually write something like “I surrender and release all that is not serving my highest good. I surrender fear and anxiety to the light and love of the universe”.  I close my eyes and affirm the release as though it is already done, something like ‘I am free from all that is not of service to my highest good’. There are two options for the next part. Firstly, take the paper that holds what you have released. You can take the candle outside (is probably the safest) and use the flame of the candle to burn the paper.  Or you can just take a good ol fashioned lighter to the paper, let it burn. Be present during these moments. Breathe deep, inhale, exhale. Let it go.


If you’re feeling similar to this, please know you are not alone!! These have been super helpful for me in working through the weird energy that’s been going on.  The next time you find yourself working through some weird energy or caught in a cycle of fear based thinking, try one of these out, just see what happens.




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