What Scares You?

Another post inspired by Yoga Girl. I can’t help it—she’s just the best. I was listening to her podcast recently, the episode where the students in her YYT talked open heartedly about their fears. Wow. Powerful stuff. It led me to ask myself, what am I scared of? The answer is interesting. It’s such a valuable learning moment. I often ask myself what are my goals, what do I want to manifest, what is my dream life I want to live? But really, the fear is what gets in the way of all of that. And if we don’t know what our fears are how can we ever acknowledge them and surrender them to reach our goals and to live our dream life?

What scares me?

I am scared to try, to really try and reach my goals in case I fail. I am scared to put myself out there, to try my very best and not succeed. Wow. I said it.

I’m scared to really try and to really put my best effort in. I think in my mind it’s like, if I half ass it then it doesn’t really matter if I fail because I didn’t put my best effort in so it’s not a big deal cause, I didn’t really try anyways.

It makes no sense. Well actually, to my ego it makes tons of sense. It’s a defense mechanism. Maybe because part of me thinks that I don’t deserve to reach my goals. Maybe because part of me is thinks that I’m not good enough to reach my goals. But how can I be good enough if I never actually try? If I just go through life with these dreams and goals sitting on the back burner while I half ass everything.

That’s what scares me though, is the thought of really trying and putting myself out there and admitting yes this is my dream and yes, I am doing everything in my power to reach it because I deserve it, but the risk of not reaching it even with all of my effort is what scares me.

What scares you?



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