Honouring Your Year

It’s December already.. how?

I’ve been reflecting lately on what I’ve done this year. I think sometimes it’s easy to get to the end of the year and feel like you’ve accomplished pretty much nothing. Then I start to get angry at myself, you know… fall into those cycles of negative self-talk, self-doubt and comparison. Then, I’m not seeing all that I have accomplished and have experienced, instead I’m sending my energy and focusing my energy on all that I don’t have, on the lack.

It’s like sometimes (or a lot of the time) we get so hyper focused on what we aren’t doing or what we don’t have in all aspects of our lives (financial, relationships, personal growth) and we compare where we are at in life to where we think we should be. I often question myself when I run into these thoughts, am I unhappy with my life at this moment, or am I comparing where I am at in life to where SOCIETY tells me I should be?

If I really take the time to deeply reflect on the past 12 months and show some gratitude for the experiences and growth I’ve had then I feel a bit better, actually a lot better about life!

I’m gonna share some tips for digging deep and reflecting if/when you find yourself stuck in one of those self-comparison, negative self-talk cycles.


We live in a world where we document everything! Take a scroll through your photos and look back and who you spent your time with, where you went, what you ate, what made you laugh, what made you cry, etc. If you post on social media regularly like Insta or Facebook scroll through the photos there. It’s important to recognize that we often times only post our highlight reels to social media so when you’re scrolling be mindful of that. Honor that!! Hold some space for gratitude for the experiences, the learning, the laugher & the tears.


I know, shocker!! But really, putting pen to paper is magic I tell ya! Ask yourself a few questions and free write, see what comes out. These are general questions, our experiences don’t have to be what we see on social media, like going to Thailand to “find yourself”. When we actually are present and actually pay attention to our thoughts and feelings and what’s happening inside, that is when we find ourselves. It’s about connection, you already have everything you need within you, it’s about listening.


What have I accomplished this year?

What have I learned about myself this year?

What have I done this year?

Who am I grateful for this year and what have they taught me?


Honour this year, shower it with love and gratitude. Shower yourself with love and gratitude. You made it through another year! You’ve done it! Each bump on the road provides an opportunity for growth, for learning, for reflection. Say thank you to the bumps! Honestly, it’s a weird concept but like hard time are gonna happen, we’re going to have experiences that in the moment are difficult and terrible. I TRY to honor those experiences with gratitude as well, often times those are the experiences that provide the most growth and learning!!







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