Self-care led by Intuition.

 I was doing a New Moon Ritual created by Meagan Moon last night and read a line that resonated with me. “On this New Moon, may we allow ourselves some time to engage in a self-care practice or ritual that brings us the delicious comfort of a peaceful consciousness. May we not feel pressured to have to do this every day, but to realize how amazing it makes us feel. May we set the intention to gift ourselves this feeling as often as we need”.


“may we not feel pressured to have to do this everyday, but to realize how amazing it makes us feel”.

Our self-care practices should be led by intuition, not like Meagan says, this pressure. I’m guilty of this. Sometimes I feel like I need to rollout my yoga mat or need to journal because those are parts of my self-care ritual. But sometimes, what really makes me feel amazing is laying in bed and watching Friends on Netflix, alone, in the dark with my cats and some essential oils diffusing on my bedside table.

Yet, we often feel this pressure to do yoga or meditate or whatever your form of self-care may be. Self-care is supposed to be time that we set aside to care for ourselves, to turn inward. It should be led by our intuition, the natural guide to what our mind, bodies, and souls need & deserve.

I also like that Meagan commented on taking notice of how amazing it feels. Personally, I think sometimes I get caught up in going through the motions. Anyone else relate?

Like I get up, roll out my mat, do my 20 or 30 minute video, take a few deep breathes, get up and clean it all up and go about my day. But, do I really take the time to sit with it, to sit in it, to reflect on how that action made me FEEL? Do I take stock of how I felt before I did yoga and how I feel now that I’m done? Not really. Sometimes, but definitely not every time anyways.

I like the emphasis on reflection and acknowledging how good the act of self-care makes us feel. It’s easy in such a fast paced world  to get out of touch with our feelings and to just, like I said, go through the motions and expect that because we’re doing ‘self-care’ we will feel some sort of way. Honestly, if we aren’t taking the time to sit with our feelings and to really turn inward and check-in with how we’re feeling we really won’t notice a difference self-care makes. Probably because we’re so out of touch and out of sync with our own bodies, thoughts, and emotions that we don’t even really notice the impacts self-care has on us.

Anyways, I’m going on a bit of a rant here but you get what I’m saying. Reflection man. We think we have it all figured out. Even me, like I said, I catch myself going through the motions yet on Instagram I talk about the importance of self-care. Then, I read a blog post and realize I haven’t been allowing my intuition to guide my self-care practice at all. Nor, have I been taking the time to assess how I FEEL before/during/after my self-care ritual. Just a good reminder, even if you think you know what you’re doing, you probably don’t. These little moments, signs, ah-ha moments are indicators of alignment and provide an opportunity for growth. Maybe now, I will dive even deeper into my self-care practice, one that is led by intuition rather than an overarching pressure.

I’ll share a few questions to ask yourself around your own self-care practice. Take some time and reflect on them, let your intuition speak. Put pen to paper or simply just sit with it.

Questions to ask yourself (journal or just to think about)

What is my go-to self-care ritual?

Where is this coming from and what/who does it serve?

How do I feel before it and how do I feel after it? Why am I doing it?



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