What actually happens when you change your birth control.

About 4 months ago I switched birth controls from a hormonal pill to the Mirena, anIUD. I thought I would share a few of the changes I’ve noticed over the past few months. I switched to an IUD because it’s a lower dose of hormones and it seemed appropriate for me at this time in my life. I was super nervous at first because I had heard horror stories of immense pain, cramps, vomiting etc.Luckily, I had basically none of that! But I definitely noticed some changes in my body.

ACNE: Oh man. I really thought I had just lucked out, I haven’t really had to deal with much acne or pimples as a teen or in my 20’s. Lately my skin has really been going through A LOT with the changes in hormones. I’ve been getting pimples on my chin and forehead, like a lot and like big painful ones!!! Ugh. I have also noticed an increase in the amount of acne/pimples that I have on my body in general. I’ve gotten pimples on my back and even my chest. It’s kind of annoying but I think it’s to be expected with such a change in hormones.

I’ve also had less frequent feelings of anxiety and have noticed that overall my moods/emotions have been pretty stable. When I was on hormonal, pill form birth control I often felt a lot of swings in my moods. The lows were really low. After changing to the IUD I have felt that my emotions have been a bit more balanced and I have definitely been experiencing less anxiety and less low, “crying for no apparent reason” moments. It’s nice to feel a bit more leveled and balanced with my emotions and feelings.

I haven’t noticed any changes in weight gain or weight loss which I know can sometimes be a side-effect. Once I was on this certain hormonal pill I had gained probably 10-15 pounds in about 3 months. It was a lot. That pill impacted my emotions and I had a lot of feelings of anxiety, pretty much all the time.

I feel great with the IUD and have had no issues at all. I would definitely encourage you to consider this as an option for you if you’re using birth control. The Mirena lasts  up to 5 years and has less hormones than the typical pill form of birth control which was one of the main concerns I had—I would love to go natural but I am not at a place in my life where that’s an option right now (just in case). I hope this post is helpful to someone out there, as always consult with a health care professional as to what is the best option for YOU. Don’t be afraid to use your voice and ask questions, make informed decisions about what is best for your body!



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