Intentions for 2019

Intentions for 2019:

-Live in my authenticity, speak my truth. Just be me. Create & share out of authenticity. Embrace my authentic self, live with love, the shadows and the light.

Let my light shine, I don’t need to dull myself down to be liked or to fit in. do what I love, do what makes me smile, process my feelings, eat what I want, drink what I want.

Allow my actions to bring me joy.

-Let go of body fears. Society tells me i need to be thin to be beautiful and I say fuck that. I don’t need to be anything but myself to be beautiful, and neither do you. I am done with that. I am done with living in fear about having a stomach roll and obsessing over my weight. I am going to take care of my body, mind, and soul. But I will not allow society to make me feel less than, or insecure, or to be ASHAMED of my tummy or my thighs.

-Selfcare. Selfcare. SELFCARE.

Journaling Prompts:

How do you want to feel this year?

What do you want  more of this year? (people, feelings, financially, health, career, etc)

What do you want to leave in 2018? (people, feelings, financially, health, career, etc)

What/who can you release?

Think of a statement that you want to guide your year.

Write it out. Honour it and show gratitude for it. Read it out loud and finish with “and so it is”.


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