Moving Through Seasons.


Each season serves a purpose and just like the season’s you’re probably thinking of, ya know summer, winter, fall. These seasons serve such an important purpose when you think about it.

I am a firm believer in the idea that we experience seasons of life as well. Sometimes, the seasons may feel like it’s been dragging on forever, and it can be difficult to see the value or purpose within it.

But, like summer or winter, the season you’re experiencing is here for a reason. Challenge yourself to look at the seasons critically, more than just surface level. Maybe reflect on this, do some journaling or a meditation on it.

Each season offers an opportunity for growth, a chance to shed some light on a wound that is ready to be healed, a chance to come into alignment, to acknowledge that everything is as it should be and things will always workout exactly as they are meant to.

Questions to reflect on your season:

-What have I been thinking about the past month?

-What themes continue to present themselves?

-Where can I shed more light?

-What am I manifesting?

-How am I caring for myself?

-What is my biggest learning this month?

Affirmation: I trust, that if something is meant for me, it will find it’s way into my life. I am open to receive miracles.


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